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Aristocats2 provides a home away from home atmosphere that cannot be found anywhere else in this area. Our hotel has large open rooms with furniture and bedding.  Guests will be able to move around, jump or climb just like they do at home.

We provide our feline guest a quiet, relaxing vacation while their owner is away.  This also provides the client peace of mind that their baby will be well cared for, safe and loved.

There are many reasons why people pamper their pets but probably the main one is that most pets are no longer looked on as just animals, but as family members.  This is especially true for single people and older couples who often consider their pets as children as well as companions.  As more pets are kept inside with more interaction with their human family members, grooming becomes more important, not only so they look and smell nice, but also to keep down shedding hair and parasites.

Expectations for quality, cleanliness, expertise, and safety are becoming more and more important to consumers and this is easily shown in the pet industry...just remember the widespread panic that occurred with contamination of pet food!  People are now looking closer at their pet food label than at their own food label.

Vickie Beaver has been grooming in this area since 2010 and has noticed a growing need for experienced cat grooming, especially for those cats that do not require sedation for grooming.  Many Vet clinics will automatically sedate every cat that comes in, especially those that need shaving, and because Aristocats2 only caters to cats they are more relaxed and comfortable without the sight, sound and smell of dogs.  Aristocats2 provides the perfect grooming spa for your feline.

Cat groomers & Pet grooming are two  different things. We specialize in cats so that your cat will get the best experience and groom.

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