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Cat groomers are hard to find. Great cat groomers even harder. Well you've lucked out!!!  You found a GREAT Cat Groomer!!!

Aristocats2 has it's foundings from Aristocats Hotel & Spa in Oklahoma City. With it's $500,000 facility. Thats right half a million dollar facility!

Started and founded by Allennia and Jean Voerster, Vickie has learned from the best and is the only person that has been approved to use their name.

She has built up her business under the same model and has been the most successful cat groomer in the area.

Vickie is dedicated to providing your cat with one of the best Grooming/Boarding experiences available.

We Love What We Do



Currently by appointment only Tues - Friday




If you are a shut-in or are unable to drive, our Cat Taxi can come pick up your kitty or cat.

Just give us a call and we will let you know the details.

It's getting hot out there, and when the mercury rises you need to make sure your cat has plenty of water  to prevent overheating and worse.

  • Baths
  • Nails
  • Combouts
  • Lion Cuts
  • Teddy Bear Cuts
  • Sanitary Cuts
  • No Sedation
  • ​& More


Cat Grooming in Frisco


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