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It's important to stay on top of shots, overall health, and mental health issues and for a cat grooming is one of the biggest ones.

Wellness plan


Let's put together an eating and fitness plan that brings out the best in your pet.

What to Expect

Cat Grooming in Frisco: About the Groomer

Vickie has been cat grooming in Frisco since 2010 and have been involved with cats for 30 years. Having been a cat owner and understanding the problems that cat owners face is one of the main reasons she got into the business. Leaving your cat(s) at a noise smelly vets office or have to rely on friends family or strangers to come into your house to take care of your cats was just not something most people like.


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If you haven't been to a cat groomer in a while, relax. Start with a phone call and complete checkup.

Bathing and pet grooming understanding cat behaviors is something most people don't know or have time to research. So taking cats into a safe, dog free, area that they can relax and have a pleasant grooming or boarding experience is the main goal for Aristocats2.

As professional cat groomers we treat every cat that walks through our doors as though it was our own. Remember we are not a catch all pet groomer we specialize in cat grooming only.

​Cat Groomers are sometimes tough to find and knowing where to turn to find that person can be tough. When your cat isn't  feeling well because of mats or other grooming problems we are here to help. That's why we created Aristocats2 not pet groomers but cat groomers specialist. The one and only cat grooming and boarding specialists that you'll ever need.

Because we are a full-service grooming and boarding cat care, your cat can get everything from nail trimmings to open cat massages and kitty psychoanalysis all in one place, without having to drive all over town to meet all of your pet needs. We have a cat taxi for those that don't have the time to drop off their cats. You and your cat will be glad you came to Aristocats2.